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The Spirit Hour


Journey into The Spirit Hour to meet a cast of ghosts with afterlives of their own.  A compilation of fictional ghost stories, The Spirit Hour, gives the living a glimpse into the afterlife and the enduring consciousness of spirits.  The first volume includes five short stories that explore the interactions between spirits and the human characters who encounter them. 


The Spirit Hour – Vol. 1

The Blue Lady – A retelling of the classic hitchhiker ghost story from the spirit’s perspective. 

The Phone Call – Newcomer Detective Rebecca Johnson must track down a killer through the woods.  Can she trust the local chef who offers her his help? 

Haunted Hearts – After Sam’s best friend dies in a tragic accident, she must ask herself: Is there love after death? 

Blue Angel - Michael’s terrible nightmares are causing him to sleepwalk again.  What can be the trouble?  His twin brother, Scott, says that he has the answer.  There’s only one problem.  Scott is dead, and Michael doesn’t believe in ghosts. 

The Reawakening – Celeste awakens feeling strange.  She has no memory of the past two weeks of her life.  She has boundless energy, but no desire to eat, drink, or sleep.  Her husband, Desmond, who is also a world-renowned doctor and scientist, tells her that she is recovering from a mysterious illness.  He promises that she’ll feel better soon.  Left to herself while Desmond works endless hours in his lab on some secret project, Celeste searches for her own answers.   


Whether you’re looking for classic ghost story elements, suspense, horror, or romance, you’ll find it all in The Spirit Hour!  

Amazon Reviews

"Tara's writing has a way of pulling you in and taking you on a thrilling ride. Each story has the potential to become a suspense film. A great read at any time of the day."

"Excellent writing. The stories were well crafted and the characters were full of life which seems it would be hard to do in short story form but the author nailed it. In most ghost or supernatural stories, we get scary and spooky but in this we get emotional spirits. A great read."

"Her writing grabs you from the start! She writes with feeling and reaches into your heart. I highly recommend this book! The minute you pick it up you're hooked! Just can't put it down!"

"Thought-provoking collection of short stories about ghosts, the afterlife, and what happens to our souls when the body dies. Less horror than a contemplative look at interactions between the living and the dead. Well-written stories that draw you into the emotion of the characters' plights rather than trying to frighten you. I enjoyed the notion that departed spirits can have lives and experiences of their own even after death. Recommended for fans of traditional ghost stories with an emotional twist."


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