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About Me & My Work

Salutations and welcome to my author website! 


My name is Tara Theresa Hill.  I’m a ghost story writer.  Since childhood, I’ve been fascinated by ghosts, hauntings, and the afterlife.  My stories are based on personal reflections of what I believe the afterlife might be like.  I explore what spirits would say and do if the barriers between our worlds were taken away and we were suddenly able to fully interact with each other.


The Spirit Hour, Vol. 1 is my first collection of ghost stories.  These aren’t your typical hauntings.  Unlike more traditional two-dimensional ghosts, the spirits in The Spirit Hour are fully developed characters with their own distinct personalities and backstories.  They are trying to figure out the afterlife and like to help the living rather than hinder them.


My new blog, The Haunted Writer, is a fictional blog about a writer and the friendship that she has with her muse/spirit guide who happens to be a ghost.  I also previously wrote a blog dedicated to sharing real ghost stories, hauntings, and paranormal encounters called The Ghost Post.  The older blogs are available for reading at The Ghost Post’s website. 


In addition to my writing, I manage The Paranormal Hotspot: The Market for All Things Paranormal, a Facebook group that I founded to help promote everything related to the paranormal.  You can also find me on the following social media sites:

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