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A Spirited Welcome

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

The Haunted Writer #1 - A Spirited Welcome

Me: Greetings! My name is Tara Theresa Hill. This is my blog, The Haunted Writer. Allow me to introduce you to Leo. He’s my muse/spirit guide. He helps keep me motivated and troubleshoots ideas with me.

(I look over at Leo sitting in his chair by my writing desk. Leo stays silent. I clear my throat.)

Me: Ahem.

Leo: What?

Me: Aren’t you going to say hello to everyone?

Leo: (Rolls his eyes) Do I really have to?

Me: Yes...

Leo: Why?

Me: (Sighing) We talked about this. You have to be properly introduced to the reader. I can’t just drop you into the blog out of nowhere. It wouldn’t make sense.

Leo: Alright. If it will make you happy, I’ll do it. (Gives a short wave) Hi.

Me: (Disgruntled noise)

Leo: What’s the matter now?

Me: Oh, nothing. I just thought that your entrance would be more dramatic. That’s all.

Leo: (Says nothing. Looks at me askance and then disappears.)

Me: (Swiveling around in my desk chair) Leo? Leo, where did you go?

(Suddenly the room is plunged into complete darkness. Bells start ringing nonstop throughout the house as my cat shrieks and scampers behind the couch. A bright blue ball of light shoots into the room. The blue light bounces on and off the walls and ceiling. Then it leaps into the center of the room and begins to spin rapidly, forming a human-like shape. A tremendous wind picks up, whipping my hair back. Objects start to fly off the shelves. I hold up my hands.)

Me: Okay, okay. Enough already! I think they get the point.

(The lights immediately come back on and everything is back to normal.)

Leo: (Reappears in his chair and smirks at me) Dramatic enough for you?

Copyright 2020 by Tara Theresa Hill

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6 Kommentare

Tara Theresa Hill
Tara Theresa Hill
11. Feb. 2020

Thank you, Steph! I definitely will! 💗

Gefällt mir

10. Feb. 2020

Love this!!! You are so gifted. Keep up the writing!!!

Gefällt mir

Tara Theresa Hill
Tara Theresa Hill
10. Feb. 2020

Thanks, Connie! I’m happy to hear that! 😊

Gefällt mir

10. Feb. 2020

Nice :) I like it!

Gefällt mir

Tara Theresa Hill
Tara Theresa Hill
09. Feb. 2020

Thanks, tmadio827! I’m glad you liked the blog.

Gefällt mir
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