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Through Spirit Eyes

The Haunted Writer #6

Interior Scene: My writing desk area. I’m sitting at my writing desk, but I’m on my phone instead of my computer. I’ve been watching music videos for an hour trying to get into the zone with little success. Allowing myself to slip into the writing mode has been a struggle lately with the global health crisis going on. Leo appears by my side.

Leo: Having trouble?

I put down my phone and look up at him.

Me: How’d you guess?

Leo: It usually takes you about fifteen minutes to find the right song.

Me: (turning my head to the side) I’m sorry.

Leo: Whatever for?

Me: I feel like I’m wasting your time.

Leo pats me on the shoulder as he sits down in the chair next to mine.

Leo: Well, you’re not. Don’t be so hard on yourself. It doesn’t help things. Certainly not the creative process!

Me: I know you’re right, but I just don’t know what to do with myself. Sometimes I feel fine for awhile and then it all comes crashing down again. Take the other day for instance. I had had a great writing day. Then I went on Facebook for a couple of minutes, and in that small space of time I read at least two posts about deaths from the virus. Within seconds of reading those posts, all the fear, worry, and anxiety that I had kept at bay came flooding back.

Leo: (nods) I know.

Me: And yet there are still people that refuse to believe that this virus is real or that they should follow the proper safety protocols!

Leo: Don’t pay them any mind. They’re being foolish and the truth is that they’re probably scared too.

Me: Yeah, but it’s hard not to get upset, especially when you hear what all the poor medical workers are going through right now.

Leo: (sighs) This too shall pass. Try to focus on your work. You need a new post for the blog.

I shake my head, go to rub my face in frustration, but quickly drop my hands.

Me: I’m not even sure what to write about right now.

Leo sits quietly for a few minutes, then snaps his fingers.

Leo: I have an idea.

Me: What?

Leo: Take this down.

Me: (opening a new file on my laptop) Okay, go ahead.

Leo: Being a spirit, I can see things that most of the living cannot. It’s because my eyes are designed to perceive things differently. If we were on a street corner together, I could see not just the visible world that you perceive with trees, cars, buildings, and people, but also the invisible world that you cannot see.

Me: Such as?

Leo: I’d see and hear other spirits walking or floating around. Not just modern ones, mind you, but spirits dressed in attire from various eras in history. I would see other spiritual beings, angels, etc. I might even see the shadows of past buildings and landmarks that are no longer there, but whose energy still exists in time’s memory.

Me: (pausing my typing and turning to him) Wow. Doesn’t that ever get confusing?

Leo: It can be when one first crosses over to the other side, but not when you’re used to it, as I am. Remember, I’ve been over there a long time now. It all depends on what I want to see. I can choose whether to focus in on those things. They don’t disappear completely, but they lose definition if I don’t pay attention to them because they are not physically present on the earth anymore.

Me: (resuming my typing) Oh, okay.

Leo: That’s just what I see when I go out for a walk with you. We can come back to that later, if you’re interested. Right now, I want to talk about what I would see if I went through a hospital.

Me: Please do. I’m sure my readers will be curious.

Leo: The hospital corridors and rooms are filled with souls. Angels and other higher spiritual beings are working alongside the doctors to try to help them save the patients. The souls of former doctors and nurses are present to give whatever support and guidance that they can to the living ones. For ones who are in the process of dying or for those who have already passed on, the souls of family members and friends are with them to help them through the transition. No one ever truly dies alone. Even if no one is physically present with the dying, there are other spirits around them. And of course, every patient, doctor, nurse, and all the other supportive staff always have their own personal spirit guides and guardians with them too.

Me: (smiling at him) Just like you’re always with me.

Leo: Yes. Just like I’m always with you.

I turn in my seat to give Leo a big hug. He returns the embrace but still teases me anyway.

Leo: (chuckling) What was that for?

Me: Just for being you.

Leo: (making a face at me) You’re such a mush!

Me: Oh, please. You know you love it. You may be tough, but you still have your soft side.

Leo: Yeah, yeah. Sheesh. Way to go and out me right in the blog!

Me: Don’t worry, Leo. People go gaga for well-developed, three-dimensional characters. I’m sure they love you already.

Copyright 2020 by Tara Theresa Hill

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Tara Theresa Hill
Tara Theresa Hill
Apr 21, 2020

Thank you so much, ceceat219. I’m glad that the post helped you feel better. 💗🙏🏻💗


Apr 20, 2020

I just got to read this today. It has REALLY helped me with the anxiety and sadness i've had when thinking about loved ones dying alone. To me, that was almost the worst of this whole sad pandemic. Now, i feel better!! Thank you!

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